How to get a free haircut in London

And you almost certainly won’t leave with a mullet.


Nothing beats the swishy hair feeling you get when you walk out of the hairdressers. A great haircut (or colour) can boost your confidence and make you feel ready to take on the world.

But let’s face it, it’s a pricey habit. I totally heart my usual hairdresser, Foster, with its chalky pastel interiors and vintage furniture. But I leave there £50 poorer each time. And that’s a lot to me. If I want a colour (I dye my hair dark brown with balayage on the ends), you can triple that.

My advice? Go to gumtree. Google hair cut, hair colour or hair model. And shriek in glee as renowned hair magicians like Daniel Hersheson, Gina Conway and many, many more appear. Students at these establishments need hair models to practice on. Most offer free hair cuts and you pay a token contribution for colour. Obviously these are with trainees, so they won’t have the skill or experience of your normal hairdresser. But they will be supervised and their work is arguably under more scrutiny than your normal hairdresser because of this.

I’m booked into Daniel Hersheson for a full colour with balayage. The normal cost for this, looking at their website, is £195 minimum (£75 for a tint plus £120 for balayage). My price? £35. You do the maths.


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