Secret city: east end running route

In this midst of this thriving city, it can be hard to find space to hear yourself think. When I’ve had a busy day and my head feels all cloudy, I go running.

My favourite spot is the canal down by Mile End. A quick shortcut across the traffic lights and into the park, and I’m suddenly by the water. Cheerily disheveled canalboats bob along the sides; on a weekend morning, some of them sell breakfast rolls and coffees. Following the canal you run opposite Queen Mary’s University and past one of my favourite places for a pint: the Palm Tree, a true east end boozer. If you carry on for around 0.5-1km, you’ll hit Victoria Park which is one of the best green spaces in London.

I run down Bow Road, up the canal until I hit the park. It’s a 7km round route and there are plenty of joggers and cyclists about so I always feel safe. Although I wouldn’t go too late at night. On hazy summer evenings it’s the perfect way to see a different side to the city.

photo-94 photo-93


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