Fun: Musical bingo, Shoreditch

On stage, next to a vintage doyenne with a rather annoying, pitchy voice, two men are stuffing handfuls of marshmallows into their mouths and trying to say ‘fluffy bunny’ without the ensuing gloop dribbling down their chins. As one is crowned champ (and takes home a popcorn maker for his troubles), the music blasts out and the sound of the Libertines reverberates around the room. Someone stands up with their arms in the air, a table of people whooping at their feet.


Welcome to Musical Bingo. I admit, it sounds pretty terrible. But it’s actually really good fun. The premise is simple: instead of numbers you get song titles. The DJ plays a track, if it’s on your square, tick it off. There’s all the usual social media shenanigans: prizes for the person who writes the best ending to a facebook status on their page. But really, it’s an excuse to have a laugh and dance with your friends. And if you head to the night at Concrete, you can even order a most excellent pizza from the guys at Pizza East, upstairs. Bingo.

The deets: Tickets around £8, Musical Bingo @ Concrete (underneath Pizza East), Shoreditch.


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